Blog Review #5: Greywulf's Lair Offers Witticism, Interesting Topics

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This blog comes at you from across the pond. That’s right, jolly old England, or is it Great Britain, or the United Kingdom? (It’s all so confusing to us Americans, you know). Anyway, Greywulf is an extremely insightful and entertaining blogger.

Whether it’s an article exploring ideas on what format Wizards of the Coast should explore for publishing D&DNext, or giving vivid recounts and results of a D&DNext play test, or venting opinions on whether or not the game should be sexist, readers of Greywulf's Lair will usually find something interesting to read. Oh, and Greywulf's Lair also posts computerized renderings of fantasy folk. I don’t really go there for that, though, and he doesn’t really diverge into much else. But that’s all right, because I find his topics of great interest and his writing quite witty. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to play D&D.



06/23/2012 11:40am

Thanks for the kind words!


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